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Tonight I won’t write about your beautiful eyes

Nor the fact that I want you lying by my side

I won’t write about our love, nor our future lives

Tonight  I’ll write about our memories waiting to die

The ink will stay on the paper I’m writing on

As it rewrite every fragments of moments we own

And once you hear the melody, you’ll remember our song

But you and I both know, we can’t go back to it anymore

Maybe you could take my hands again, but it’ll end up just the same

You’re choking, I’m suffocating, all we feel is pain

And you know this is the last chance of mending our broken hearts

If not just tell me how to unlove every bit of your part

-Yume H.

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Why I Hate Daydreaming

Whenever I wanted something

That will only be just a fantasy

I always result to daydreaming

That kills all my inner sanity

It does not create but destroys

all of my morality and fault

As I stage the perfect set-up

That only serves as my trap

My jealousy and rage

All the love and the hate

My reverie always fuel them up

to a level I can’t contain

I want to stop and eradicate

all these thoughts I want to erase

But I can’t seem to escape

the only place my self-esteem feels safe

And even if it makes me evil

I don’t think I would stop from thinking

About the perfect world I built

to save myself from my deepest pit

-Yume H.

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Countdown To Love


   Five minutes it took me

   Before I came back to life

   Your existence have captured 

   The depths of my heart


   Four walls contained

   Our brief love story

   Each corner holds

   My deepest fantasies


   Three breaths I take

   Before I lift my head

   Hoping I would see you

   Without your lips on her face


   Two hours before dawn

   And here I am writing a poem

   About how I want to sleep

   With you lying next to me


   One heart you took away

   From this sad little girl

   Hoping and wishing 

   Her love can be returned


   Zero seconds it took you

   To notice her heart

   As she repeatedly counts

   The countdown to love

-Yume H.

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Claim Me

All my demons claim me now

I don’t even care somehow

I lost all my hopes and dreams

I just want everything to freeze

I wish my ghosts would haunt me

Rather than not feeling anything

No matter how painful your memories are

at least I know I still have a heart

A heart that feels and beats

A heart desperate to hear me breath

But I’m all cold and lost inside

With my soul nowhere to hide

All I can do is silently cry

As I wait and see who’ll notice my lies

-Yume H.

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I Cut Myself Today

I cut myself today.

I picked up the scissors

and slashed through my wrist

Things didn’t get better

But i felt relieved

I cut myself today

I was waiting for it, I guess

with all the overflowing depression

and hard to find salvation

who would blame me for it

I cut myself today

I see blood dripping from my wounds

But i never cared for the bruise

Nor the pain or the scars

but the slash in my heart

But I needed to cut myself today

to feel once again

But then I realized the pain is too strong

for me to feel anything at all

but the the weight of the world

-Yume H.

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Your Name

I feel myself falling

Shaking and stuttering

By the mention of your name

My lips would tremble

My whole world crumbles

Just remembering those days

You used to be that someone

I would lean on to

with every weight I claim

Now I run as far as I can

To escape from everything

You and I have stained

-Yume H.

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When The Wind Blew Our Love Away… Including You

the cold wind breathes

As pain rushes in

How can this calmness

bring so much tears?

As those memories rushed in

The moment you left me

The silence of the air

took away everything

Everything is falling apart

My soul, my heart

They have given up

On things that will never last

And now I’m getting numb

I’m losing love

As I watch you walk away

from everything we had

-Yume H.

I noticed. But I just denied everything. Maybe because I was scared or maybe because half of me actually wanted this. But whatever the reason, I was left alone crying on things that I will never get back, including you. 

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When Your Love is Not Enough

My heart is pounding, every beat hurts

All the unspoken words vanish into dirt

I’m starting to lose every bit of my whole

I’m losing my faith in fate, I’m going to fall

Those hands I thought would hold me

Are now losing its grip and setting me free

You’re letting go like we did not meet

you’re giving me freedom, I didn’t ask for it

Now I’m starting to hold every piece of you

Even though it pains me to see the truth

I’ve been loving you and giving you my all

But your heart left me a long time ago

-Yume H.

It’s no use trying for a love that escaped you a long time ago. No matter how hard you try to hold on to everything that could save your love, it will never work. Because your love can never be enough to hold things together.

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