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I watched a man run his hand
up and down his girlfriend’s spine
like a keyboard to keep her warm
as they waited for the bus downtown,
she smiled without looking at him
and he knew it so he pulled her close.

And I thought about them hours later
how I hoped they were good to each other
and knew just how lucky they were
because there’s not enough of
that kind of love around anymore.

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I think I’ve written too many love-related letters in the last few days (not posted here of course). I don’t know… It seems like I’m once again falling in love with “love”. The very idea of it, the feelings and emotions you get, how it turns your whole world around and you’re just left there on the very same spot and yet you feel like everything’s changing even without you moving an inch. Hopeless and helpless and sometimes shallow but deep, everything doesn’t make sense and yet… Given the same choices, you would still choose this path because no matter how weak it makes you feel, you just love the feeling of almost losing everything just for that one person. You’re loving it too much that it hurts and yet, this is the kind if pain you would be willing to bear.

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Countdown To Love


   Five minutes it took me

   Before I came back to life

   Your existence have captured 

   The depths of my heart


   Four walls contained

   Our brief love story

   Each corner holds

   My deepest fantasies


   Three breaths I take

   Before I lift my head

   Hoping I would see you

   Without your lips on her face


   Two hours before dawn

   And here I am writing a poem

   About how I want to sleep

   With you lying next to me


   One heart you took away

   From this sad little girl

   Hoping and wishing 

   Her love can be returned


   Zero seconds it took you

   To notice her heart

   As she repeatedly counts

   The countdown to love

-Yume H.

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Whoever You Are

Whoever you are

I want you to hold my hand

So tightly that I’ll forget

all the pain in my heart

Whoever you are

I want you to embrace me

And cuddle me in your arms

Protect me from this world

that offers nothing but harm

Whoever you are

I want you to stay with me

and tell me everything’s fine

No ones going to hurt me

and that you’ll be by my side

Whoever you are

I want you to love me

And kiss my tears goodbye

Remove my scars

And save me from the dark

Whoever you are

Can you do all of that?

I’ve been waiting for you all my life

Please, I just want you to be here

And tell me that hope is not gone

-Yume H,

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